Trimble Railway Asset Solutions - Trimble P2M System

Trimble P2M

Planning & Performance Management

The Trimble P2M in-service performance planning and management system uses timetable, actual vehicle location, and real-time diagnostic information to identify the root cause of delays and to plan journeys for optimum timetable adherence.

Through a combination of journey planning and improved driver awareness, it also maximizes energy and fuel efficiency, and helps manage driver behavior.

It also provides the operations team with in-service recommendations when fleet failures occur to reduce delays and penalties.

Trimble P2M is also available as an on-board cab advisory system.


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“Trimble and South West Trains have a very successful long term relationship in bringing asset management, condition and performance monitoring technologies to all elements of our rail business from in-service operations to maintenance. We have successfully implemented and benefited from the various Trimble systems across all our fleets and look forward to our continued collaborative and successful relationship.”
Christian Roth
Managing Director, South West Trains


  • Alarms and alerts in real time with recommended actions to rectify problems reducing in-service delays and performance penalties
  • Analyzes in service performance constantly maximizing energy and fuel consumption
  • Optimizes maintenance scheduling
  • Uses timetable, location, and on-train diagnostic data improving service punctuality
  • Minimizes timetable revisions by monitoring detailed route timing points and fleet location for greater timetable conformance
  • Intelligently calculates optimal driving patterns reducing energy and fuel costs
  • Correlates real-time on-train diagnostic data with delay information improving delay attribution


  • Identifies faults and patterns of faults using a detailed vehicle performance monitoring and recovery system to prevent in-service problems
  • Graphical in-service fault finding guide
  • Knowledge based fault recovery
  • Tracks vehicle and fleet location through mapping software
  • View cab equipment in real time from the control room to understand the driver’s experience
  • Facilitates interactive and predictive fault detection through the definition of rules and alarms using an intuitive graphical user interface
  • New alerts and rules can be defined and added to the system without affecting the vehicles in service
  • Real-time cross fleet performance monitoring identifies trends as they occur within a fleet
  • Integrates with control room and maintenance depot
  • Analyzes timetable performance
  • Section delay analysis
  • Real-time delay information and root cause analysis


Trimble announced today that Euromaint Rail has deployed the Trimble® R2M real-time remote diagnostic system to manage the maintenance of fleets running on Stockholm Commuter lines and Norrtåg regional rail lines. 

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