Trimble Railway Asset Solutions - Trimble E2M System

Trimble E2M

Engineering Maintenance Management

Trimble® E2M is an engineering asset and maintenance management system. Designed specifically for the rail sector it manages and controls assets and components, streamlines parts and materials usage, and oversees resource and procurement processes.

It allows your organization to maintain and manage the cost effectiveness of your assets by improving asset reliability, resource and capacity planning, and work utilization while reducing operating costs.


The Trimble E2M Workshop and E2M Defect Reporting apps replace error-prone pen and paper workflows with the ability to work on mobile phones or tablet devices saving time, increasing productivity, improving data accuracy, and ultimately saving money.


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“Trimble has been selected to provide the new Eurostar Enterprise Engineering Management and Component Condition Monitoring system for the Eurostar fleets across all our UK and international depots. The system is to be provided as part of Trimble’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering to support our international 24 X 7 operations.”
Andy Slater
Head of International Fleet, Eurostar


  • Prevents assets being unavailable for service because of repeat defects by tracking asset defect history over time improving asset availability
  • Monitors stock usage over time and automatically defines parts reorder levels to ensure stock levels meet demand assuring stock availability
  • Reduces repeat defects by identifying true causes minimizing labor costs
  • Provides the fitment/receipt date, serial number, and complete history for every warranty claim raised so less are contested increasing successful number of claims
  • Defines central stores to manage stock for satellite stores facilitating controlled centralized procurement
  • Plans maintenance to identify opportunities and safeguards depot resources and infrastructure capacities are not exceeded so assets are maintained on-time in accordance with the maintenance schedule optimizing maintenance management


  • Efficient workshop management and defect reporting
  • Cost jobs and book labor
  • Set up campaigns and special checks
  • Manage resource scheduling, training, and competency
  • Plan maintenance across depots, resources, and material requirements
  • Define asset hierarchy to manage assets
  • Swap and track components across assets
  • Plan and define exams
  • Manage and procure stock with full stock check and component history support
  • Supplier and warranty management
  • Tools management
  • Interfaces to finance systems


Trimble announced today that Euromaint Rail has deployed the Trimble® R2M real-time remote diagnostic system to manage the maintenance of fleets running on Stockholm Commuter lines and Norrtåg regional rail lines. 

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